JrSEED (Junior Science, Engineering Excellency and Diversity Program ) is a summer camp program that  brings together students from different high schools and strives also to enhance diversity in education and research. In the first year of introduction (2016) a total of 9 students participated. This year participation increased to 12 students. The summer camp program engages students in several fun activities related to thermoelectricity, fuel cells, shape memory polymers and wind energy. Students also get a chance to work in teams to assemble and program a mini robot. Each year we invite engineers from Boeing to give brief seminar on engineering activities at Boeing. At the end, a question and answer session allows students to directly engage with the engineers enabling them to gain insights into pursuing careers in science in engineering. Students further visit the Samuel Roberts Noble Microscopy lab where they are introduced to TEM and SEM, further participating in a best SEM image competition.


Students listening to talks by Boeing Engineers

A talk on diversity and inclusion by Lisa Morales



Students also visit various labs as part of the JrSEED program, getting introduced to the research of faculty in School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering.



Students further participate in a series of hands-on activities involving solar cells, thermoelectrics, wind energy, and robotics.






Students also visit the Samuel Roberts Noble Microscopy lab where they attend talks on SEM and TEM.